About Us

When anything of beauty is shared it creates double joy. This was the inspiration behind the establishing the company AFRICAN GOLD. Making things of beauty available to our customers to enjoy and share.

In 2015 We (Eugene and Hilda) bought a house on the beach in Southport on the South Coast of Natal. The place was very neglected at the time but after 2 years of very hard work it is now a place of beauty. Visitors always comment on the serenity and restful ambiance of LA VIE ON SEA.
We decided to rent out the home and cottage to family holiday makers.

As a venue the beautiful garden on the beach would also be ideal for small beach weddings and functions. To extend the glorious experience we added our HAPPY DAY TOURS to drive our visitors to the many wonderful venues and sights within a 100km radius from Southport.

We have many talented creative South African friends whom we represent
They are the very talented South African artists Dawn Broom, also Isak and Suzanne Troskie - a husband and wife team.

Pearle Mynhardt founder and designer of Pearle Products. A high-end beauty range made from all natural ingredients that are sourced globaly.

We have an organised designer handbag range that is beautiful, functional and very versatile. The brand name of the handbags is TEGESSA , named after our 2 beautiful granddaugters Tegan and Tessa.

This is why we say "Not all gold in South Africa is metal"