Tegessa Designer Bags

Our philosophy is to be unique, focusing on innovation and excellent skills to provide that ONE versatile Designer bag everyone wants and needs for every occasion.

For the manufacturing of our Designer bags we use only the highest quality materials, excellent fabrics and hardware. The Designer bag comes with 3 colorful organza broad ribbons for decoration to suit your outfit.

Supplying our customers with a unique product that would result in happiness, satisfaction and a sense of "togetherness"

An organized Designer Bag! We have all experienced the frustration of not being able to find keys, a lipstick, comb or glasses in the chaotic muddle of an overfull handbag. This organized Designer Bag with the added convenience of an almost surrounding Zip which would enable our clients to open up and pack the bag like a Pro.

Designer Travel Bag

The Designer Travel Bag with compartments for carrying toiletries and make up etc, in an easy roll up design with handles. This bag looks good enough to carry with you anywhere. Especially suited for traveling.